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Time for an afternoon tea party? How about a virtual after work hangout with a Long Island Iced Tea (w/ a leaf from the plant, Camellia sinensis)? Please share information about upcoming digital meetup events and social gatherings at tea lounges. Please feel free to post your tea moments with a photo of your perfect cuppa.

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Martin Lindeskog

Martin Lindeskog

Matcha 🍵 green tea

Picture taken after Being Tea's session on Matcha 🍵. When was the last time you had a bowl 🍵 of Matcha?


Martin Lindeskog

Martin Lindeskog

Note 📝 (to self) card

From my latest post on Instagram Notecard 📝 with weekly review. I will talk about B.N.P. (Blog - Newsletter - Podcasting) toolbox 🧰, L.I.F.T. (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) workflow ✅, and F.I.X. IT! 🖼 framework, in upcoming podcast episodes...Show more


Martin Lindeskog

Martin Lindeskog

Favorite tea type?

The great range of tea varieties from the Camellia sinensis plant, thanks to fascinating tea process, from tea leaf (and bud) to finished tea product (blend).
Khai Lin Chuah
Martin Lindeskog

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